Batuhan Taskaya

Python Core Developer, PSF Fellow ('20), PyCon Turkey and PyIstanbul organization committee member.

Reach me at (for open source related questions) and (all other inquiries).

Work Experience

Pie (2022-current)

Working on building modern developer tools to deal with APIs.

Iterative (2021)

Helped building tools to improve workflow of MLOps scenarios, dealt with large data transfer optimizations, and was primarily responsible for formalizing the filesystems.

DeepCode (now bought by Snyk) (2020)

Worked on the static analysis engine to improve platform's support and semantical understanding of Python.

(full time) Open Source (2018-current)

Authored, maintained and contributed to some influential projects, most notably the ones below (and many other drive-by contributions).

F/OSS Experience


-- Reference Implementation of the Python Language

Worked on various parts of the project, but mainly specialized in parser / bytecode compiler. (co-)Authored/Implemented features like ast.unparse, Generics in Standard Collections, PEP 657.


-- Structural Source Code Search Engine

Authored Reiz, a source code search engine to express fragmental knowledge and gather data about source code (as well as to sample it). Involved building a custom IR, designing multi-layered DSLs (ReizQL for the engine itself, and IRun as a Python-flavor for easily expressing python syntax for queries) and compilers for both of them.


-- Filesystem Specifications

Involved in the design of the specification, as well as the implementation of certain features (like the new callbacks API), and contributed many more to the implementations of the different cloud providers (ranging from optimizations to new features).


-- Source code refactoring toolkit

An end-to-end source code refactoring framework built on top of the augmented ASTs. Supports doing view-based refactors on the source code to preserve non-semantic aspects.


-- Multi-version Python Parser with Error Recovery

Co-maintainer of the project, primarily worked on syntax errors as well as the 3.9/3.10 migration. Also experimented with various techniques to adapt the existing LL(1) parser with error recovery to the new grammar of the CPython (which uses a PEG parser).


-- Very Fast and Compliant Implementation of the Python Language

Worked on the PyPy 3.8 with implementing various features like typed_ast and f-string debugging expressions, as well overall fixes on the language compliance. Currently working on the RPython JIT.


-- Data Version Control

Worked on the data transfer layer, primarily by integrating and improving support for different cloud providers (S3, GS, Azure). Also authored features like add --to-cache and import-url --to-remote.

Linters / Formatters

Various linters, code formatters and relevant projects that I've interacted with:

  • black (general purpose python code formatter)
  • Responsible for the funded implementation and integration of the Gallery functionality to the project.

  • unimport (static analyzer for finding and removing unused imports)
  • Co-maintainer, was responsbile for the design of the new session management system as well as the first 2 iterations of the refactoring engine.

  • BRM (token stream manipulator)
  • Author, implemented various transformers as well as integrated it to different projects (was the initial engine of the unimport).

  • Fixit (semantical source code fixer)
  • Contributor, implemented various auto-fixers as well as contributed to it's engine (LibCST).

  • teyit (unittest assertion reformatter)
  • Author, is part of the shed project.

Publications / Given Talks